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What age group are the activity sets aimed at?

The activity sets are aimed at primary school aged children, ages 3 to 11. Some themes will suit the younger end and some will appeal more to older children.

How much is postage & packaging in the UK?

We send our parcels out 1st Class royal mail at a minimal cost of £2.60

What is a party favour?

A party favour is a small gift that is often placed in to a party bag to give out at the end of a children's party.

What is the country of origin for the Red Beau crafts & activities?

All of the Red Beau crafts & activities are designed, made and packaged in the UK by the Red Beau team.

Are all of the crafts eco friendly?

All of the crafts have either no plastic or a nominal amount where alternatives aren't available.

Is the clear packaging not plastic?

No! The clear packaging is made using a vegetable starch and it is home compostable.

What is the difference between biodegradable and compostable?

Biodegradable, while better for the environment than just plastic alone, still takes a long time and an industrial process to decompose and is still made from plastic but with a special microbe.

Compostable products are made from a vegetable starch that can be broken down in the right conditions including heat and pressure using an industrial process.

Home compostable is again made from vegetable starch, but it can be composted in a standard home composting environment and treated along with the rest of the compost heap to later add to your vegetable patch!

Best Age to Throw a Kids' Party? The ideal age is from 4 to 9 years, when children start making friends and having established likes and dislikes. This is when they can truly enjoy and understand the significance of a party. You can certainly plan a party before that but it's more for the social gathering so make sure you have provisions for parents too.

How many kids should I invite to my child's party? If you have an entertainer or bouncy castle and a large enough hall, the general rule is to invite your childs whole class. Once they get a little older and want to do something more specific then they often choose a handful of their closest friends.

Should I reciprocate party invitations? It depends on the closeness of the friendship. For younger children, inviting acquaintances can help expand friendship groups, but as kids get older, it's not required to reciprocate every invite.

Is it important to RSVP for a kid's birthday party? Always RSVP, even if your child cannot attend. This helps the host with planning and preparations.

At what age is it appropriate to drop my kid off at a party? Generally, after age 6, children can be dropped off at a party, but always check with the party hosts first.

How much should be spent on a gift for a kid's party? A reasonable amount to spend is around £5-£15. It's not necessary to spend more than this unless you want to.

Should presents be opened during the party? This depends on personal preference. Some enjoy watching the birthday child open gifts, but be prepared for any kind of reaction from the child.

What is the best type of invitation for a kids' party? Digital invitations are cost-effective and environmentally friendly but if you don't have all of the parents contact details, kids still love to hand out a physical invitation. Avoid texting invites to prevent accidentally leaving someone out.

Who should be invited to the party? If sending invites through school, it's considerate to invite the entire class to avoid leaving anyone out.

Are siblings automatically included in the invite? Only bring siblings if the invitation explicitly includes them. It's not a given that siblings are invited, having said that, I would recommend having a couple of spare party bags and extra food just in case!

Do you always have to RSVP? Always RSVP, regardless of whether your child can attend, to help the host with planning. If you are the host, a gentle nudge to remind them is perfectly acceptable.

What are good locations for hosting a birthday party? This depends on personal preferences, budget, and convenience. Local parks, homes, or rented venues (village halls, scout huts, community centres) are common choices.

Is it okay to say "Please No Gifts"? Should you bring a gift anyway? It's perfectly fine to request no gifts. Alternatively, suggesting donations to a charity in lieu of gifts is another good option. We have  a great blog including a pre-written request to put on invitations here 

Is it okay to gift money or gift cards?  Absolutely! Older children especially (ages 11+) like money or gift cards.. Younger children might appreciate a physical gift but money gives them the freedom to choose their own gift.

Should gifts be opened in front of everyone? This depends on the child's comfort and the flow of the party. Consider the feelings of all guests when deciding. It could be a good time filler if the party ends sooner than expected.

Are party favors necessary? Party favors are not mandatory and you should never feel obligated to provide them. Having said that, it is often expected by the kids but it can just be the cake in a bag or if you want to make them extra special, we have a great range of themes to choose from.

At what age should children send thank you notes? Encourage older children to write their own notes or if your child is young, they could just add their name to the bottom. If your child is neurodivergent, don't worry if it is too tricky to get them to sit down and write (a challenge in our household too!) it is by no means compulsory.