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6 ½ Winter birthday party ideas

Read on for some totally awesome tips on how to organise a birthday party in the depths of Winter - brrrrrr.


Having a child with a winter birthday can seem like it limits your party options. You have the busy Christmas period to contend with, the cold and wet weather and it’s an expensive time of year too! So to help you get organised and throw out some of that stress, here are our top 6 and a half tips for a successful winter birthday party.


  1. Send out the invitations nice and early Preferably 4 to 6 weeks in advance so that parents can book the date into their diary before anything else gets in there! Don't worry if you're not the organised type, you can get around this by having a mid-week party or (if you're brave enough) a party at home!


  1. Choose a colour scheme Choosing a colour means that you will be able to find plenty of ways to decorate the room for maximum impact (and at a low cost if your budget won't stretch). You can easily add a theme to the colour scheme using pictures here and there as well as themed games, cake and party bags. 


  1. Book a venue If it’s before Christmas then you might need to shop around to find availability. Outdoors defo isn't an option in the UK at this time of year so village halls and community centres are a great idea as they're usually low cost and you can decorate them however you want. 


  1. Time of day It's dark as early as 3.30pm in the winter, so factor this in when choosing a time. The dark is fab for a disco party, but later would be better but if you are going for a Unicorn party, then earlier when it is light might be nice. Also, think about when children eat, less food will be wasted if the party is over a lunchtime or tea time.


  1. Sleepover party Winter is a great time for a sleepover party because of the long nights and it lends itself well to movie nights too. You could hire sleepover indoor glamping tents that come with themed bedding and crafts, they’re very popular in Australia at the moment and the trend has already started in the UK. (If you're in the NorthWest, checkout Once upon a time sleepovers, I think they should do adult ones!)


  1. Book an indoor action party Although open farms might be out of the question, bowling alleys, trampoline parks, soft play, indoor crazy golf and climbing walls are all indoors and so winter proof! They are a little more expensive, but a great time saver and you can put your own stamp on it if you order themed party bags from us ;)


...And the ½ tip? Don’t forget the parents! – Providing a hot cuppa, hot chocolate or even a mulled wine (Gin, Prosecco....) for the parents braving the cold to get their children to your party would be nice and warming and will definitely be appreciated!


So as you can see, there are plenty of options for a winter birthday party if you follow our 6 (and a half!) tips, and I'm always here for a chat if you need more ideas or advice.


Do you have a theme in mind? We'd love to design some party bags to go with your theme, or you can check out our pre-made party bag fillers here

 Danielle @ Red Beau x


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