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9 Fun Christmas gift ideas - without plastic!

 9 Fun Christmas gift ideas - without plastic!

I don’t know about you, but I’m just a normal Mum trying to use less plastic in a world that seems to want to shove it in your face at every turn!

There might still be some things that your child has really set their heart on, but here are some creative ideas that are a little kinder on the planet this Christmas.

  • DIY den kit – this is such a fab and creative present that is easy to put together but looks great and provides hours of entertainment. Just take a pillow case and fill it with a pack of wooden pegs, some string or rope, a single flat sheet a torch and some snacks and tie the top with some colourful sting and a tag to tell them what it is. If you are feeling really creative, you could stitch or iron something cool on to the pillow case.

                             Den making kit no plastic

  • Craft supplies – When I was a kid, an elderly friend of the family gave me a box full of craft bits and bobs, and I thought it was AWESOME! It was just a plain box with a hinged lid that they decorated, then inside it had lots of little sections filled with ribbons, pom poms, split pins, paper shapes, glue stick, tissue paper and all sorts. You could get really creative and even re-use some packaging that you already have (I mean, do you ever cut those little ribbon hanging tabs off your clothes – spare buttons..) It makes a great gift. 
  • Baking kit – This doesn’t have to involve any creativity if you don’t want it to, you can keep it as simple or complicated as you like. Simple = Apron, mixing bowl, wooden spoon, rolling pin, cake mix in a jar. OR if you want to go all out, measure out the ingredients for a gingerbread recipe and include the dry ingredients along with icing and decorations.

                            Baking kit Christmas gift

  • Superhero starter set – It is so easy to make a superhero cape and cuffs and you can level it up by making a mask too if you are a dab hand with a sewing machine. Fleece and felt can both be cut without any sewing needed and you can decorate it by painting, sewing or glueing on a lightning bolt or their initials. A mask requires a little more skill, or you could use a Red Beau super hero mask kit for a ‘ready to go’ option.

                             Eco friendly superhero mask kit

  • Design a dolls house – All you need is a cardboard box, some pretty scrapbook paper, some glue, paint or crayons and scissors. Write out some instructions or create a room to start it off as an example. The scrapbook paper makes awesome wallpaper, although you could also use left over actual wallpaper too. Cut out a little picture frame and add a photo or draw a picture for the wall. Create a little lampshade with a dolly peg and add some dolls & furniture. They will love designing new rooms, especially if somebody plays with them!
  • Fairy garden – Get a foil flan tin or terracotta plant pot base and add some moss, a block of coir soil (you add water and it swells), lolly pop sticks, glass beads, pebbles, string, cress seeds and matchsticks. Add them all together and wrap it all together along with any other bits that you think would work well in a fairy garden.

                            Fairy garden kit

  • Fishing game – Another one that can be simple or more complicated. Simple = Use blue card or some blue fabric to create a flat pond shape. Cut some fish out of colourful card and put a paperclip on their nose. Next, tie some string to a cane or stick and glue or tie a magnet to the other end of the string. Use the ‘fishing rod’ to catch the fish!  Level up version – Use fabric and stitch the paperclip inside 2 layers of fish. Please bear in mind that this game is not suitable for toddlers as magnets are dangerous if swallowed.
  • Stone painting – Easy peasy, just put stones, paints and some clear nail varnish together and hey presto, a stone painting kit!
  • Camp fire starter kit – This one is for the slightly older children. Re-use a tin or container and place a fire stick (or matches), some paper (the paper filler you get in parcels is good for this), a little bundle of thin sticks and a bundle of slightly thicker sticks, a peeler and some marshmallows in to it. Add some instructions – scrunch up the paper and put the little sticks in a tepee shape around the paper. Light the paper and when it starts to burn, add some thicker sticks. Find some long sticks and use the peeler to sharpen the end and add marshmallows to toast!

                           Camp fire starter set for kids

If you try any of these, I'd love to see how they turn out! Tag me on Facebook or Instagram @redbeaubox and I'll share your pics.

I have also created some handy ready made tags for you to just print out and use for the Baking kit, Camp fire kit, Den building kit and DIY dolls house. Just click here to have it emailed straight to you.

Danielle x

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