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Christmas Eve traditions that create magical memories

I love Christmas. The presents, the snow (if we get any), the music, and of course, the time spent with family and friends. I've noticed that my own kids really appreciate and look forward to the traditions we have on Christmas Eve. Are you wondering what to do on Christmas Eve with kids? Here are some great options to try some traditions that will create new memories for your kids.

Christmas Treats for friends & family

This is a lovely tradition that not only creates beautiful family memories to look back on (we always remember the things we did together more than the gifts we get each year), but it’s a valuable lesson in the importance of giving.

We make a few different easy sweet treats together and package them in to a pretty box or on a paper plate and we drop them around to several of our neighbours on Christmas Eve. Some neighbours live alone, so this small gesture can mean so much.

I have added a couple of our favourite recipes at the bottom, along with the most delicious sounding frangipane minced pied from Hunkington House, in case you want to give them a try.

Christmas biscuits for Christmas Eve

Christmas Carols

Carols just give you the most amazing feeling at Christmas time and you don’t even need to sing if you don’t want to, you can just listen. Have a look at local Facebook groups or events as well as community whatsApp groups.

We are lucky enough to have carol singers that come to us every Christmas Eve collecting for charity, and we always open a fresh pack of chocolates to hand out at the end.

A new tree decoration every year

It may already be a bit late for this tradition, I’m sure the majority of people will already have decorated their Christmas tree, but I wanted to add it in anyway.

I love love love adding the decorations to the Christmas tree and having a memory behind each one. It’s even more special when you have children and you can talk to them about each memory as you go.

Christmas Eve Box

This is a relatively new tradition that has really gained traction in recent years, in fact here at Red Beau we have pack that is ready made to fill your re-useable box each year, without plastic waste.

The box is a little pre-Christmas collection of goodies to give on Christmas eve, often containing hot chocolate, Christmas book, games & crafts. It spreads the Christmas fun out a little bit more.

Christmas Eve box

New PJ’s

A very simple tradition, but it is lovely to wake up on Christmas morning in new pyjamas. They look great on Christmas morning photos too!

Christmas Lights

A great idea for ramping up the Christmas spirit is to go for a walk or drive to see the neighbourhood Christmas lights. You can almost guarantee that somebody will have gone overboard with the decorations! The kids will love it.

Christmas lights

Reindeer Food

You don’t want to risk Santa flying past your house, so it’s a good idea to sprinkle a little reindeer food outside, just to make sure.

This is a great tradition for younger kids to take part in. It’s important to make sure all of the contents are wildlife friendly, just in case the reindeer decide to share, so here is a super simple recipe to make your own.

Gingerbread Houses

Buy a ready made pack, make your own from scratch or simply build a house from square biscuits! The kids won’t care how the house is made, they just love the decorating & eating 😁

Make sure you have icing (royal icing is best) and plenty of colourful sweets and everyone will be happy.

Making Gingerbread houses

Movie night

Christmas Chronicles? Elf? Arthur Christmas? Tonight is the perfect night to snuggle under a blanket with a hot chocolate and watch a Christmas film by the fire.

The point of Christmas Eve traditions is to create new memories that your children will look back on with fondness and joy. At the same time, they express something meaningful about your family and values, and they instill a sense of tradition in the children who are growing up with them.


Cinder toffee / hokey pokey

My favourite recipe is by Nigella Lawson and it’s super easy to make and most people like it. A winner for the Christmas plates for the neighbours. 

recipe here

Frangipane mince pies 🤤

Created by the amazing baker Caroline Bailey at Huntington House kitchen, I cannot wait to make this recipe!

recipe here

Gingerbread house

There is absolutely no shame in buying in a ready made house, but if you did want to make your own, then I love this recipe from Simply Recipes.

recipe here


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