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Elf on the shelf ideas (and excuses!)

It's the most wonderful time of the year....or if you are a parent, a pretty hectic time of year with a million things pulling you in all directions!

For some of us that means the return of our mischievous little buddy, the Elf on the Shelf.

It's such a challenge to keep those creative juices flowing night after night, but fear not, I've got your back. Save these in to your phone for last minute late night set ups:

  1. Tiny Treat Treasure Hunt: Hide some mini treats around the house for the kids to find, with the elf leaving clues or a treasure map.

  2. Superhero Adventures: Dress up your elf as a superhero using some doll-sized capes and masks, ready to save the day!

  3. Elf Snow Angels: Create some "snow" using flour or icing sugar and have your elf make snow angels on a surface.

  4. Game Night Surprise: Set up a board game or puzzle and have the elf sitting there waiting for a midnight game session.

  5. Mini Movie Marathon: Arrange a cozy Christmas film setup with popcorn and tiny tickets for an elf-sized movie night.

  6. Baking Shenanigans: Maybe your elf has a sweet tooth! Set up a tiny baking station with spilled flour and biscuit dough mess, or perhaps even pancake mix for breakfast.

  7. Elf Spa Day: Set up a mini spa scene with cotton ball "towels," a tiny robe, and some doll-sized spa essentials like a cotton swab or hairbrush.

  8. Toy Takeover: Have the elf stage a fun takeover of a dollhouse or action figure playset, throwing a tiny party or pretending to be the ruler of the toy kingdom.

  9. Miniature Snowball Fight: Gather some small marshmallows and stage a snowball fight between the elf and a few of the kids' toys.

  10. Zip Line Adventure: Use string to create a zip line for the elf to "zip" from one end of the room to another.

  11. Elf Photobooth: Create a tiny photo booth using a small box or frame, with cutout props for the elf and some dolls to take festive photos.

  12. Elf Artist: Have the elf create a masterpiece using crayons or pens, leaving behind a little drawing for the kids to discover in the morning.

  13. Elf Camping Trip: Set up a miniature camping scene with a tiny tent, fake fire (LED candles work great), and some marshmallows on sticks.

  14. Elf DJ Dance Party: Set up a little dance floor with some music playing in the background and the elf spinning tunes as a DJ.

  15. Elf Bubble Bath: Use a small container or bowl filled with bubbles (safe for the surfaces) and have the elf take a bubble bath in a doll-sized tub.

  16. Elf Reading Nook: Create a cosy reading corner with some miniature books and a tiny chair or cushion where the elf can be found enjoying a good book.

These are just ideas, don't stress the occasional missed night! Here are some quick and creative excuses for those mornings when your elf stays put:

  1. Elf Jet Lag: The elf got caught up in a snowstorm on the way back from the North Pole and needed some extra rest.

  2. Elves at Work: Your elf was busy helping Santa prep for the big night ahead. Those toys won't wrap themselves!

  3. Magic Maintenance: Sometimes, magical creatures need a little recharge to keep the mischief going strong.

  4. Elf Hide-and-Seek: Your elf thought it'd be hilarious to play a game of hide-and-seek and simply got carried away.

  5. Elf Inspiration Trip: The elf went on a little mission to gather some fresh ideas for upcoming nights.

I hope these ideas help you with last minute ideas (and excuses)🎅✨

Danielle x

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