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Planning a Fantastic 3rd Birthday Party: Fun, Eco Conscious Ideas

Planning a Fantastic 3rd Birthday Party: Fun, Eco Conscious Ideas

Your little one is turning three, which is the perfect time for their very first birthday party! Planning a party for a toddler can be a lot of fun, but also a touch overwhelming. Don't worry, we've got you covered with age appropriate activities, some eco friendly tips, and ideas to make it extra special.

Getting the Basics Right

    • Guest List: At this age, consider keeping the guest list on the smaller side. Toddlers sometimes find big groups daunting. Invite close family and a handful of their little friends.
    • Timing: An hour and a half to two hours is usually plenty of party time for this age group. Overstimulation can lead to tired tantrums, so avoid going too long with the festivities.
    • Location: Hosting at home is convenient, but if space is tight, consider renting a community hall or play centre. It rains so often in the UK, if you decide on a garden party have an indoor backup plan ready too.

Fun and Play for Little Ones

    • Simple Activities: Avoid complicated games and competitions. Think ride ons, parachute play, dancing (if they're up for it), bubbles, and a relaxed craft like colouring.
    • Get Creative: Set up a little dressing up station with hats, scarves and fun accessories, or have a "build a fort" corner with blankets and cushions.
    • Focus on Play: Three year olds love free play; have a selection of age appropriate toys for guests to enjoy.

The Food Factor

    • Kid Friendly: Easy finger foods like sandwiches cut into shapes, fruit skewers, veggie sticks and hummus, and mini pizzas are all easy crowd pleasers. Always check if any kids have allergies beforehand, no child will want to feel left out. Water or juice is all you need for drinks.
    • Cake Time: Don't forget candles and matches and bear in mind that it takes longer than you think to portion and wrap cake slices to take home. Get a helper to do that if you can.
    • Parents table: At this age, the parents will likely stay too, so make sure you have some drinks & cakes for the grown ups table. They will be very grateful!

Let's Talk Party Favours

Traditional party favours often mean cheap plastic toys that break quickly and head straight to the bin. Here's where you can make a difference:

    • Small plants or seed packs: Pot tiny succulents or herbs that kids can help take care of check out our range of themed seed & stencil packs here.
    • Playdough surprises: Make homemade playdough and pair with small wooden toys or pastry cutters. We have a blog with the recipe here.
    • Activity packs: Put together little packs with colouring books, pencils and stickers or you can get themed activity boxes full of activites and games here.
    • Done for you: If you just want party bags that are pre packed and ready to go, we have a great range packed full of fun here.

A Few Extra Tips

    • Don't sweat the small stuff: Toddlers won't notice if everything isn't Pinterest perfect. Focus on enjoying yourself.
    • Delegate: Ask a friend or family member to help take photos or organise a simple game. You can't do everything yourself!
    • Relax and Have Fun: The best gift you can give your child is a stress free, fun filled birthday celebration.

We hope this gives you some fun ideas for a fantastic 3rd birthday party! Let us know what you decide to do, we'd love to hear about it.

Danielle x

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