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Plastic Free Stocking Filler Ideas For Children

Plastic-Free Stocking Fillers for children

This festive season, let's fill those stockings with joy and eco-consciousness. Here are some delightful plastic-free stocking filler ideas to make life easier for you, fun for your child whilst staying true to your ethos of caring for our planet.

  1. Card Games: Classic and endlessly entertaining, card games are a fantastic way to engage little minds. These can be snap for younger children or you could choose something like UNO to give older ones a challenge.

  2. Chocolate Coins: A sweet treat without the waste! Opt for chocolate coins wrapped in foil, a recyclable alternative to plastic packaging. Plus, they're delicious and fun to find in a stocking.

  3. Marbles: They're just so pretty! My daughter loves them. Marbles are a great way to encourage hand-eye coordination and can be used to play traditional games.

  4. Colouring Pencils with Little Activity Books: Spark creativity with a set of colouring pencils paired with activity books. This combo is perfect for quiet, imaginative play.

  5. Bath Bombs: Bath time becomes a blast with eco-friendly bath bombs. Choose ones made with natural ingredients and essential oils for a fun and fizzy experience that's kind to sensitive skin.

  6. Finger Puppets: Hand-knitted or fabric finger puppets are a wonderful way to encourage storytelling and imaginative play. They're small, cute, and can pair well with storytime.

  7. Playdough in a Tin: Support a small business and buy playdough packaged in reusable tins. This malleable material is fantastic for creative modelling and sensory play. You could even make your own - it's simple to make.

  8. Stickers: Kids love stickers! Opt for ones made from paper or other biodegradable materials. They're great for decorating notebooks, cards, or craft projects.

  9. Metal Badges: Durable and charming, metal badges can be pinned to book bags or jackets. Choose fun designs or messages that resonate with your child's interests.

  10. Mini Eco-Friendly Craft Kits from Red Beau: Our specialty! These little kits are packed with eco-conscious materials for a range of fun crafting activities. Perfect for inspiring creativity and an appreciation for handmade crafts.

I hope these stocking fillers are useful or spark more ideas, let me know if you have any other great ideas! Happy eco-friendly gifting.

Danielle x

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