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Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur party bag filler in compostable packaging for sustainable living
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Dinosaur Scratch Art Kit - Eco-Friendly Party Favour for Kids

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Dinosaur Scratch Art Kit - Eco-Friendly Party Favour for Kids

Eco-Friendly Dinosaur Scratch Art and Stencil Kit for Themed Birthday Party Bags

Discover the joy of scratch art paper – an activity that's utterly addictive and heaps of fun! Perfect for dinosaur-themed birthday party bags, this eco-conscious kit is designed to delight dino loving children.

With our dinosaur scratch art and stencil, little ones can dive straight into creativity. Simply use the included stencil and bamboo scratch tool to etch away the black surface, revealing vibrant colours beneath. It's wonderfully straightforward, allowing kids to engage without fussing over instructions.

What's in the Pack?

  • 🦖 1 x Dinosaur themed stencil for endless creativity
  • 🦖 1 x Scratch art board for colourful revelations
  • 🦖 1 x Bamboo scratch tool, an eco-friendly choice for fine details
  • 🦖 1 x Luxury green paper sheet, perfect for additional stencil use with pens & pencils

Eco-Conscious and Compostable Packaging We're proud to say our clear outer packaging is 100% home compostable, crafted from vegetable starch (made in the UK). A thin film on the scratch paper is all that's removed – the rest is fully compostable, aligning with our commitment to the planet.

Unleash Creativity and Imagination This kit isn't just about scratching away; it's a gateway to imagination. Children are encouraged to create entire scenes, exploring the rainbow of colours hidden beneath the surface. It's an excellent way to boost creativity, offering a hands-on experience that diverges from the digital world.

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Pack size 11cm x 9cm, Scratch paper 10.5cm x 9cm

Warning - not suitable for age 36 months and under.