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paper party bag filler eco friendly
Dinosaur seed and stencil pack
Dinosaur party bag filler eco friendly
Dinosaur stencil and cress seeds
Grow a dinosaur seed party pack
Dinosaur T-rex eco friendly party bag filler
Paper party bag dinosaur party filler
Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex party bag toy
Birthday party seed packs for party bags
Eco friendly dinosaur party bag filler with seeds and stencil

Grow your own Dinosaur pack

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Grow your own Dinosaur pack is perfect to add to a party bag. 

Dinosaur seed and stencil packs are fun to grow, sustainable and earth friendly. 

🌱A fun and practical kit for children to grow, rather than a throwaway plastic toy. So much fun to watch the seeds grow and to look after them, adding a little extra water every day.

🦖Follow the instructions and use the stencil to grow the cress into the shape of a dinosaur, and then they can even eat the dino too!

Cress grows fast, so the children can see results every single day and take care of their seeds.

You can also get:-                

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🚀'Grow your own Spacecraft' 🚀

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and 'Grow your own Fox'

if you would like some variety.

Contents include a t-rex dinosaur stencil and cress seeds, packaged in a paper envelope with instructions printed on the rear, just add a piece of kitchen paper to get started.

Pack size 10cm x 11cm x 0.3cm

UK delivery in 2-3 working days. Worldwide delivery 7-10 days

These packs are not suitable for children under 36 months and require adult supervision. As the packs contain seeds, we are not able to send them outside of the UK due to regulations.