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plastic free party bag favour
dinosaur eco friendly party bag filler
Scratch art prehistoric dinosaur with stencil art pack for kids
Dinosaur sustainable party favour
Eco friendly dinosaur party pack packaged in compostable packaging
Dinosaur paper party bag toy with no plastic tat
Alternative to plastic party toys, dinosaur party favor
Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur party bag filler in compostable packaging for sustainable living
Dinosaur craft kit party bag toy for a children's birthday party

Dinosaur scratch art & stencil

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Dinosaur scratch art and stencil, perfect for dino themed birthday party bags. 

Have you ever heard of scratch art paper? It’s totally addictive and so much fun!

Use the stencil and scratch tool to scrape away the black and reveal a colourful layer underneath. It’s so simple that children can get stuck straight in without the need to read instructions. 

Pack includes a sheet of green paper so that the stencil can be used again with pens & pencils!

The clear outer packaging is home compostable and made from vegetable starch. Remove a thin film from the scratch paper and everything else can be composted too!

It’s great for the imagination, you can add a whole scene by going freehand with the scratch tool. See different colours show through as you scratch the black layer away.

Contents include :-

🦖 1 x Dinosaur themed stencil

🦖 1 x Sheet of scratch art board

🦖 1 x Bamboo scratch tool

🦖 1 x Sheet of luxury green paper

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