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Dinosaur scratch art & stencil
Dinosaur scratch art & stencil
Dinosaur party bag toy
Dinosaur scratch art & stencil
Dinosaur scratch art & stencil
Scratch art party favours
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Dinosaur scratch art & stencil

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Have you ever heard of scratch art paper? It’s totally addictive and so much fun!

Use the stencil and scratch tool to scrape away the black and reveal a colourful layer underneath. It’s so simple that children can get stuck straight in without the need to read instructions. Use the pointed end of the scratch tool to add detail and outlines and the flat end to scratch off larger areas.

It’s great for the imagination, you can add a whole scene by going freehand with the scratch tool. The colour that shows through underneath will very. Some will be rainbow colours, some metallic and some with a solid colour but who knows until you start to scratch!

Contents include :-

1 x white card stencil

1 x scratch art rectangle 10.5cm x 7cm

1 x wooden scratch tool with 1 pointed end and 1 flat end 11.5cm

It’s such a great activity that is popular with children young and old.

Not suitable for children aged 36 months and under due to the danger of the pointed scratch tool.