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Space NASA party eco friendly party bag toy
Space Scratch Art Kit - Eco-Friendly Party Favour for Kids
Space Scratch Art Kit - Eco-Friendly Party Favour for Kids

Space Scratch Art Kit - Eco-Friendly Party Favour for Kids

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Space Scratch Art Kit - Eco-Friendly Party Favor for Kids

Blast off into a galaxy of creativity with our Space Scratch Art Kit – the ultimate party favor for your astronaut-in-training's birthday celebration. Designed for children fascinated by the mysteries of the universe, this set promises an interstellar adventure right at their fingertips.

Dive into the cosmos without leaving your home. Our kit makes it easy for young space explorers to unveil vibrant galaxies and shimmering stars hidden beneath a matte black surface. With a simple scratch, they'll discover planets, rockets, and maybe even a distant UFO or two.

What's in the Galactic Pack?

  • 🚀 1 x Space-themed stencil: From the rings of Saturn to the surface of Mars, let their imagination ‘rocket’ (sorry, we couldn’t resist 😆).
  • 🌌 1 x Scratch art board: Watch as they reveal a universe of colours with every scratch.
  • 🛸 1 x Bamboo scratch tool: Perfect for detailed or broader scratching.
  • 🌠 1 x Luxury blue paper sheet: For additional cosmic creations using the stencil with pens & pencils.

Sustainably Exploring the Universe Our commitment to the planet is as vast as space itself. The clear outer packaging is 100% home compostable, made from vegetable starch. All components, minus a thin protective film, are fully compostable, supporting not just your child's imagination but also our beautiful Earth.

Creativity Beyond the Stars Encourage your child to craft their own space scenes, from epic spaceship battles to peaceful rocket launches. It's not just an art project; it's a launchpad for creativity, offering a tactile break from screen time.

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Pack size 11cm x 9cm, Scratch paper 10.5cm x 9cm

Warning - not suitable for age 36 months and under.