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Lightning Bolt Cress Stencil & Seeds - Unique Party Bag Fillers for Kids Birthday Parties (UK).
Superhero Seed Growing Kit for Kids - Fun and Educational Party Favours (UK)
Superhero Cress Seed & Stencil Party Bag Fillers - Grow Your Own Lightning Bolt!
Eco Friendly Superhero Party Favours - Grow a Cress Lightning Bolt at Home!
UK-Made Superhero Party Favours - Eco-Friendly Seed & Stencil Packs (Lightning Bolt).
Superhero Cress Growing Activity - Watch Your Lightning Bolt Sprout in Days!
Compostable Superhero Party Bag Fillers - Grow Your Own Cress Lightning Bolt (UK).
Educational Party Bag Fillers - Inspire Creativity with this Superhero Cress Kit (UK).
Ditch the Plastic Party Bag Fillers! Choose Eco-Friendly Superhero Cress Kits
Lightning Bolt Cress Stencil - The Perfect Activity for Superhero-Themed Birthday Parties

Superhero x5 Grow Your Own Lightning Bolt Seed Packs

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Looking for unique and eco-friendly party bag fillers for your superhero party?

Look no further than our incredible Super Cress Seed & Stencil Packs! These action packed party favours are perfect for Parents who want to ditch the plastic and spark imaginations.

This is for a pack of 5 Seed & Stencil packs

Here's what makes our Super Seed & Stencil Packs super:

  • Grow Your Own Lightning Bolt! Each pack comes with a superhero themed card stencil shaped like a powerful lightning bolt. Kids can use it to grow their very own mini superhero symbol out of super-fast-growing cress seeds!
  • Ready, Set, Grow! In just 1 day the children will see the seeds germinate and within a week the cress will grow tall enough to eat.
  • Sustainable Fun: We're all about being eco friendly! Our packs are made with compostable materials, so you can celebrate guilt free, knowing you're making a positive impact on the planet.
  • Perfect for Party Bags: These compact (10cm x 11cm) packs are ideal for filling party bags at superhero themed birthdays. They're also great as classroom treats, prizes, or fun activities for rainy days.
  • More Than Just a Party Favour: Our Super Seed & Stencil Packs encourage creativity, nurture a love for nature, and teach children about the wonders of growing their own food.

If your child loves to watch Spiderman, Batman, Iron man, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Captain America or any of the Avengers or DC characters, they will love these activity packs.

Each pack contains:

  • 1 x Superhero themed card stencil (lightning bolt shape)
  • 1 x Square cotton wool pad
  • 1 x 2g pack of cress seeds (enough for multiple lightning bolts!)

Make your child's next superhero party extra special with these unique and eco friendly party bag fillers!

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